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 Also available prestige, sports cars and mini buses

Sports Car Hire

Hire a Sports car, or request further details:

Some sports cars currently available for hire are:

Hire an Aston Martin car Aston Martin, Black, Limited Edition,
Tiptronic 6 Speed Gearbox,
420 BHP

Hire a Nissan 350 car

Nissan 350, 3.5 Litre V6 Engine,
3 Door Coupe, 6 Speed Manual

Hire an Audi TT Roadstar car Audi TT Roadstar, 225 BHP,
Black Leather, Cruise Control,
Bose Sound System, Multi CD Changer,
Climate Control, Electric Windows

Porsche Boxster, 3.2 Litre Engine,
Manual Transmission,
Full Black Leather Interior,

Hire a Jaguar XK8 convertible car Jaguar XK8 convertible, Leather Interior,
Classic Package, Rain Sensor,
Headlamp Washers,
Electric Mirrors, CD Autochanger

Mercedes CL500 Automatic,
5.0 Litre Engine, Leather Interior,
Cruise Control,
Automatic Climate Control,
Satelite Navigation System

Hire a Ferrari 360 Spider car

Ferrari 360 Spider,
3.6 Litre Engine, Leather Interior,
Traction Control,
Climate Control

Hire a Mini Copper S

Mini Cooper S
1.6 Litre Engine, Leather Interior,
16” Alloy Wheels,

Hire a Jaguar S Type

Jaguar S Type,
2.7 Litre Engine, Cruise control, climate control,

Hire a BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series,
luxurious interior,
exceptional driving safety,
a unique combination of style,
versatility and dynamic ability

Hire a BMW 5 series

BMW 5 Series,
2.2 Litre Engine, 31.4 mpg

Hire a Mercedes CLK

Mercedes CLK,
Climate control,
multi-function steering wheel

Hire a Saab Aero

Saab Aero Convertible,
Air conditioning, automatic soft top

is just a small example of our sports car range also available….

additional sports cars are the Saab Aero covertible,Mercedes
CLK 320 Coupe,Mini Cooper S.