What does it means when a car is sold “as seen” and does it mean there is no comeback on the seller in any circumstances?

When selling a vehicle does “sold as seen” mean there is no comeback for the buyer should anything go wrong with the car? What time frame is involved in getting your money back if it is possible to do so?

It means there is no comeback but only applies if it is a private sale or an auction sale. The goods should be thoroughly checked out in these circumstances by the buyer or by an expert survey if they lack the requisite knowledge.

If it is a trade sale (not in an auction) the goods are likely to be subject to the Sale of Goods Act and they cannot be sold “as seen” but are subject to various guarantees. These largely depend on the age and condition of the vehicle and whether the goods were of “satisfactory quality” at the time of sale. Much depends on whether the trader was aware of the fault (and particularly if they attempted to conceal it) and whether the fault was likely to have been present but the trader was not aware of it. Obviously as time passes the responsibility for a financial contribution made by the the trader reduces. Similarly the definition of “Satisfactory” is lower for older vehicles. than newer ones.

In the case of very old cars sold by traders for “spares or repair” the bar for “satisfactory” is likely to be very low and the goods may effectively be offered with no guarantees of any kind.