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 Also available prestige, sports cars and mini buses

Cheap Car Hire

If you are looking for a cheap car hire company, where quality of service isn’t compromised, then look no further.

Discount Car Hire & Van Rental is a professional and well-respected car and van hire company providing
a range of cars and vans for domestic or corporate hire at cheap and competitive prices.

Our cheap car hire prices start from as low as £19.99.

Our range of cars for hire is split into the categories shown on the left, making it easy to browse to
exactly the type of vehicle you wish to hire, whether it is a cheap, small car or a more
luxurious family saloon. To ensure you benefit from cheap car hire prices at all times we have priced
each vehicle individually.

To find out how cheap our car hire prices are, take a look at our Price List,
or request more information, or book a vehicle, by calling 020 8919 10933 .